Deputy Director
of Original projects


"The volume of the housing complex is formed according to the character of Saratov historical development, it replicates the images of the city of the beginning of the twentieth century in its silhouette and the nature of the divisions. The building fits into the historical environment, interpreting the ancient principles of the formation of residential buildings of Saratov in the refraction of modern times.The building of the residential complex is the walls of an air well - the inner courtyard, with its closed structure and its own microclimate. The space of the courtyard is saturated with textures of natural materials, which makes it possible to reign here in tranquility and comfort. Guided by two of the most important criteria for development in architecture: "the market value of housing depends on what you see in your windows" and "people's mood depends on the amount of light received," we form the building that best meets these criteria, orienting the windows of apartments in the panorama of Saratov and bending the plane of the walls towards the sunlight".

Building area: 2 830 m 2
Effective area: 14 988 m 2
Building volume: 41 233 m 2
Total project area: 16 821 m 2
Project time: 2011