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"The territory of the international exhibition center is restricted by motorways that ensure its good transport accessibility from all areas of the city and the shortest connection with federal and regional roads.

The volume-planning solution of the complex is constructed in such a way that the prospects for characteristic Saratov ensembles are opened from different specific points.

International Exhibition Center "Saratov" has a forward-looking concept and a market-oriented structure. The expansion of ties between Europe and the East creates a new situation for this traditional fairground territory in the past. it is located in the center of the subcontinent Eurasia, is a bridge between the east and west, and becomes the place of the emergence of a new European exhibition culture.

Business without barriers, perspective exhibition subjects, a place of a meeting of the East and the West - all this is the International Exhibition Center "Saratov" with its most modern and beautiful exhibition complex. The presence of diverse in size and image spaces allows organizing various cultural events, symposiums and congresses that meet the most demanding international requirements and standards."

Total project area: 337 500 m 2
Building area: 253 000 m 2
Effective area: 32 000 m 2
Building volume: 174 000 m 3
Project implementation period: 2009