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The object is located in a busy traffic direction, in the entrance area from the Saratov bridge to the city of Engels. In this part of the city active development of free plots of land is being carried out, both residential infrastructure and shopping and entertainment are developing, which entails an increase in the density of development. In this regard, the task before the designers was put - to get the maximum useful area on the allocated territory. In the voluminous-spatial decision of the building it was required to reflect the main function of the center for the sale of boats and yachts, therefore, from the volume of the building, elements that are figuratively associated with this topic are highlighted. When designing it was important to feel the scale of the future development, to assume what will be in the future this part of the city, while inscribing the object in an already existing environment. The solution was found by using a large amount of glazing, which reflects small-scale residential development, picturesque elevations and bustling traffic of cars in the refraction of modern materials as an attribute of the new time and the impending changes. The structural solution of the building is a monolithic bearing frame with the use of metal trusses to cover the space of the exhibition hall.

Total project area: 6 143,3 m 2
Building area: 4 810 m 2
Effective area: 5 972 m 2
Building volume: 34 217 m 3
Project time: 2008 - 2009
Project implementation period: 2009