Architect as project manager
of Original projects


The design of the facades is performed largely due to the name of the object. The facade planes are divided into different shades of gray, which are a winning background for "ruby accents". The walls are accentuated by red facets, unobtrusively hinting at the name of the shopping center.

The finishing of the side and rear facades is a "wet facade" consisting of mineral wool slabs, plastered on a grid. Individual decorative elements are lined with panels of fiber cement on the metal subsystem. On the main facade a multifaceted surface of fibrous panels on a metal frame has been designed.

A number of adjustments were made to the project itself (originally the project was developed by another company). On the instructions of the customer, the layout of retail premises was adjusted, additional stair flights and vertical lifts for low-mobility groups of the population were designed. Correction of engineering networks of the building was done. Thus, the building has become more convenient and functional.

Building area: 21 200 m 2
Total project area: 16 807 m 2
Effective area: 4 861 m 2
Building volume: 77 987 m 3
Project time: 2015 - 2016
Year of project implementation: 2015