Deputy Director
of Original projects


"Industrial enterprise is located in Mirny village, Kirov district of city Saratov. As load-bearing frame of buildings were used metal structures kind of Orsk of secondary use. Enclosure structures are made from three-layer sandwich panels with depth 150 mm. Planning structural arrangement of the building reflects functional character of technical processes. Coloristic facades' solution is made in red-silver range of colors. Red vertical stripes on the facades accentuate entry nodes in progress buildings and administrative and service building. Basic silver color is neutral in relation to environment. Window openings of building faces are organized in such a way as to provide optimal conditions of workplace illumination".

Project implementation period: 2013-2015
Total project area: 3 307 m 2
Building area: 3 670 m 2
Building volume: 26 378 m 3
Area of improvement: 15 654 m 2