of Original projects


"Territory of existing plant ОАО «МOZ VNIIMETMASH» is located on south-west part of city Moscow and occupies an  area 17,5 ha. At  the  moment  the territory is used by 30 percent, that is very ineffectively. Within the concept of  industrial park development is offered to use all free plant are at this territory, that gives a chance to organize following areas:

  1. Production areas;
  2. Production administrative buildings and office buildings;
  3. Customs terminal;
  4. Station of Screening of Vehicles;
  5. Parking area for oversize vehicles, which wait for lift-on/lift-off.

Reorganization of the territory and construction of new objects,  instead of  physically overaged and taking big  area  buildings,  lead  extension of space by 68  per cent. As well as  within the  concept  is proposed structuring of engineering systems, which are located at the territory and  development of one energy center".

Project implementation period: 2015
Total project area: 21 924 m 2
Effective area: 18 881 m 2
Building volume: 160 866 m 3
Area of facades: 11 570 m 2