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"Production building Eng104 of industrial enterprise ОАО “Robert Bosch Saratov” is located in city Engels. Volume-space decision of building was chosen according to corporate requirements of company Bosch and technological characteristic property of production. Building includes three blocks: block of floor standing boilers production, block of wall-mounted boilers and administration and accommodation facilities with laboratory for test run of wall-mounted boilers. In building were used energy-efficient technologies:
- Closed heat-insulation loop;
- Sun protective elements on the South facade;
- Unique system ventilation and air filtering;
- Heat recuperation;
- Energy efficient lighting;
- Water reclaim".

Project implementation period: 2011-2013
Total project area: 8 315 m 2
Building area: 7 550 m 2
Building volume: 103 993 m 3
Area of improvement: 32 481 m 2