OOO «Original»
Candidate of Architecture
Member of the RF
Pavel Viktorovich

"Our company has started active work in the field of industrial construction since 2011. Until now, we have specialized in the development and implementation of civilian buildings and transport projects under the ArchiBoom brand.

Knowledge of modern software products for design allows us to perform innovative tasks in the shortest possible time.

Specialists of OOO "Original" have scientific degrees in the fields of energy-saving architecture, reconstruction of buildings and structures, engineering support of industrial enterprises. Scientific and technical approach in designing we develop, taking part at international conferences and exchanging experience with foreign colleagues. Each project for us is an opportunity to implement bold engineering solutions that can not only save customer money, but also become a progressive product in their field."



    Hear the Customer and create a service that is tailored to his needs – Be ready for dialogue about problem points of the project – Weigh risks and help the customer make the best choice – Be "in the same boat" with the customer – Responsible for result


    Do not just provide services, but offer the market products of a complex nature – Always look for the best solutions and do not spare for this creative energy – Think innovative. Carry out the conceived


    Be a professional team – Transform experience into a source of knowledge – Accumulate and use the experience base – Work efficiently and fast, cooperate for many years


ООО "Original"  is  the project organization, which was established in 2004 and specializing in the planning of industrial, commercial enterprises, production and logistics complexes. For planning are used modern planning programms, which allow to create three-dimensional models of objects and structures.

ООО «PSM» is a managing construction company, which was established in 2014 to perform general contract construction and installation works at industrial and commercial facilities, management of construction sites, management of a group of companies.

"ArchiBoom" Architectural workshop was created in 2006, it is focused on the creation of town-planning, architectural, interior, landscape and eco-architectural projects. In the practice of the workshop are actively used BIM-technologies.

ООО "Konstruktiv SPB" is a construction company, which was established in 2006 to perform construction and installation works at industrial and commercial facilities. The main specialization of the company is the installation of industrial floors and monolithic works.

"ContiniUM" visualization studio is a visualization studio, which creates photorealistic 3D visualization, animated 3D movies and interactive 3D presentations for town-planning projects, complexes of buildings and structures, interiors of residential and commercial real estate.

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Sustainable development


    ORIGINAL projects company aspires not only to continue its successful development, but also take into account the social responsibility of business. We pursue a policy of zero tolerance for bribery and corruption. In our organization, there is a system for receiving reports of alleged violations and prompt response to such statements. The results of the investigation of violations are presented to the management of the company.


    As our business grows, so does the scale of its impact on the environment. We seek to reduce the negative impact, using for this all the existing opportunities.


    ORIGINAL projects company contributes to the development of the well-being of the society due to the priority directions of corporate social responsibility adopted as a guideline, as well as the orientation of the company's internal and external policies to universally recognized international standards. In the modern world, education and professional development are a permanent job, without which real success is impossible. Therefore, ORIGINAL projects company regularly organizes programs for the development of professional skills for its employees.


    The wide specialization of the company gives employees an excellent opportunity to try themselves in a higher position on projects (in the role of chief specialist, GUI), as well as the chance to move to other business areas, as well as gaining experience in related fields. As we work in a high-tech market, the competitiveness of our company directly depends on its commitment to innovation and modern technologies. In this regard, our company conducts a training process for employees, combining an internal exchange of experience with the involvement of independent specialists.


    ORIGINAL projects company adheres to the principles of honest and open style of doing business. This is a guarantee of the existence of a stable business environment, which is our common home. Our company's relationships with customers today are the foundation of our well-being tomorrow. The company has corporate standards: Code of Business Conduct, Quality policy, Health and safety policy.


    Aware of the importance of increasing energy efficiency, OOO "Original" actively introduces energy-saving technologies. Our company operates systems to monitor and account for the volume and quality of electricity supplied, and monitor the operation of these systems.


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